Module 1 - keywords

Module 1: Keyword Research

Since we don't get traffic from SEO, this process will be very easy.
We just need high cpc keyword.

Normally, you can search for high cpc keyword on google keywordplanner.
But... I think it's not accurate. I always get low cpc in performance.
So, the site I use is

Usually, I look for my keyword idea on google.

For example, high cpc keywords 2015.

You can see a list of keywords here.
Any keyword will do. We will have to check if keyword we chose pays high.
For example, I choose DONATE CAR.

So, let's go to

CPC $47.30 - Cost per click. The higher is better. The lowest I used was about $7, and I got about $1 cpc in performance. This is okay since I can make profit from it.
Monthly Searches 3.60k - This factor should be considered in case you do SEO for your site. For me this doesn't matter.
Daily Cost $5.41k - This is daily budget for advertisers. The higher is better. The lowest I used was about $300.
Advertisers 50 - More advertisers means more competition for your keyword. And this leads to higher cost per click. So, the higher is better.

Do keyword research like this and choose about 3 keywords which are related.
Then add them to title, write articles, and use <h1>, <b>, <i> tag for your keywords on articles.

For example,

Get idea? 
This is for keyword research.

Module 2 - Website setup

Module 2: Setting Up Site

After you chose keywords, just write articles and post them.
I always write only about 5 articles for eaach site.

Your site should also have these pages. They make your site look creditable.
- Contact Us
- Terms and Privacy Policy
- Disclaimer
- Site map
You can find generator for these pages on google.

For setting up site, there is no fixed setting.
The purpose is to make your site as interesting and useful as possible for your visitors.
Then visitors will stay longer on your site and may come back in the future.
The longer they stay on your site, you have more chance of getting clicks and earn more.

You may add some stuffs like me. For example...

You can see I add widget to my site which is related to content.
Insurance Widget:  
Lawyer :
Other Widget  :
You can search for widget related to your site on google.

This works very well for new site. It makes your site look having more content.
You can search for this by finding site which is related to yours.
Then just look for RSS icon and copy their URL.
After that just add it to your RSS widget.

There are 2 plugins I suggested since they can increase your CPC, CTR, and traffic.

1. Adsense Firestorm ($27)
You can manage your ad easily with this plugin.

Also, you can optimize your ads layout for better CTR.
There is no fixed setting here. You have to split test it yourself to find the best for your site.

And.. the best option, Adsense Optimizer.
This will target your ads to show more relavant content.
For example, Header is set to 'yes'. 
So your ads will show something related to your header; title. 
Which is where you already added high cpc keyword, DONATE CAR.
Thus, you will get higher CPC.

2. Transposh (Free)
Although this doesn't work well for me, you may.
It works well with my friends. And I think with many people too.

The purpose of this plugin is to translate your site to different languages and make it appear on different search engine.

If it works well for you then you may get 1000+ visitors for free within 1-2 months.

Here is related thread.
After you posted your articles, just go to setting and make all languages active.
Then go to Utilities and click 'Translate All Now'
After that just add Transposh widget to your site.
And this is for setting up site.

Module 3 - Block low CPC Ads

Module 3: Blocking Low CPC Advertisers

Currently, I don't do this process anymore since it's time-consuming.
Anyway, this process can increase your cpc in case you get very very low CPC.
If you already get high cpc, this would not help much.

Usually, you can search for a list of low cpc advertisers on google.
But.. that may be too broad and will not affect anything.
We will make it more specific.

For advertisers to block, this depends on your targeted visitors.
If most of your traffic come from US, then you should block low cpc from US.

In case you're not living in country you would like to block, you may need proxy to do this process.

To get started, go here. or

Let's assume we are owner of

You can see a list of advertisers here.
We will have to check if they pay high.

For example, we will check for

To check, go here. or

Here you can see their CPC.
I usually block advertiser who pays lower than $0.10
Do like this to all advertisers appeared on the list.
Then just go to block low cpc advertisers on your adsense account.
And this is for blocking low cpc advertisers.

Module 4 - Get traffic

Module 4: Getting Traffic

Now your site is ready. Before getting traffic, you should create some backlinks to get your site indexed first.

To get traffic, I think SEO is the best for targeted traffic.
Anyway, I don't get any traffic from SEO since I don't want to deal with google's algorithms which always change. Your ranking can drop anytime. Also, there are a lot of competitors for high CPC keyword and it takes time to do this.

Somehow, you don't have to cut it off. You can still do it if you would like to do.
But I will not talk about SEO in this video.

If your transposh plugin works well, then you should start getting free traffic within 1-2 months.
However, since it doesn't work well for me, I will give you more strategies.

**Please noted that there is no secret for free traffic. You need only hard work. And it takes time to see tons of traffic to your site.

Since you can find information in detail about free traffic on google too,
I will explain about it briefly.

1. Article marketing
You can post your content to article submission sites like ezinearticle. If your content is useful and interesting, then you can get traffic back to your site easily. 

Also, since these sites have high PA and DA, it may be easier to rank with these site in case you do SEO.

2. Video marketing
Similar to article marketing. You just need to create and upload video to video submission sites instead.

3. Forum marketing
One of the best source to get targeted traffic. Just go to forums related to your site.
Sign up and add signature linking back to your site. 
Then post something useful and interesting.
If you post it regularly then you will start seeing traffic come in.
The key is to provide value to visitors.
Anyway, some forums may block new user to add signature or post. You can outsource it instead.

4. Social marketing
You can get traffic almost instantly with it.
Facebook, twitter, pinterest,...
Just go to follow or join people, pages, groups related to your site and post something interesting.
You will also get viral traffic if you have great content which people love to share.

5. Yahoo answer
Another great source of traffic. Just go to answer questions related to your site's content.
Make it as the best answer. If your answers were chosen as the best answer then you will see tons of traffic come in.
Somehow, you need level2 account to do this. Outsourcing maybe your choice.

6. Classified Ad
Free classified ad sites are another great places to promote and advertise your site.

7. Social bookmarking
You can get traffic almost instantly from social bookmarking too.
And more...

8. Submit RSS
After you posted about 4-5 articles, just go to submit your feed URL to RSS engine.

These are just some strategies to get traffic. There are many ways to get traffic to your site.
I suggest you to follow one method until you get traffic or familiar with it.
Then move on to the next one.

Please remember that free traffic needs hard work and takes time.
You may outsource your work to other.

The place you can hire someone to do the work for you such as.. - Works well for social marketing, yahoo answer, forum. It's cheap too. - Works well with almost every type of microjob. You just need to find sellers with great reviews. From my experience, it works well with article marketing, video, social, forum, yahoo answer. Everything starts from $5.

And that's for free traffic.
For paid traffic, please contact me personally and we will schedule a time for live session.

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